This seaside town of Bilene situated on a hill overlooking the Uembje Lagoon is an easy 2-hour drive north east of Maputo making it the perfect destination for locals and tourists alike.

Bilene Lodge is set on the shores of the Uembje Lagoon. This sprawling expanse of water is separated from the Indian Ocean by a large sandbar offering a protected area for all kinds of water sports and beach activities, the shallow shores are ringed by beautiful white sandy beaches.

Barges, boats, dhows, canoes & kayaks can be taken across the lagoon to the mouth where there is safe snorkelling and depending on the season get up close and personal with the turtles. It’s also a great place to watch whales on their migration up the Mozambican coastline between May & August.

The sand dunes of Bilene are ideal for those adrenaline junkies who like to spend hours on end hiking up the endless sand dunes and then sliding down on sand-boards at incredible speeds.

The Gaza Province is dominated by strings of inland lakes and nowhere are they more beautiful than Bilene.

The town of Bilene has a small but colourful market. Fresh produce and a variety of foodstuffs can be purchased from the locals. Brightly coloured capalanas (sarongs) and locally made clothes swing from the stores. Curio sellers hawk their wares and the cashew nut sellers are ever present. At the back of the market, you can find locally caught fish from the lagoon.

Mozambique crosses the Tropic of Capricorn giving the country a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine all through the year and rarely gets cold.

Avenida da Marginal, Praia do Bilene, Bilene District, Gaza Province, Mozambique
South Africa: +27(0) 267-8300
Mozambique: +258(0) 845 851 225
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